When you get a leather pattern or want to make a leather article, the first thing you need to do is make a leather template, a good leather template is the basic of a fine handmade leather piece.

In below steps, I am going to show you how to make a leather template in the simplest way.

making leather template (9)

Print out the leather pattern and rough cut to keep the main leather pattern part.

making leather template (11)

making leather template (13)

Here we use 450g thick kraft paper, cut a piece that little bigger than the pattern, put glue evenly on the back with a glue stick and then glue them together.

making leather template (1)

making leather template (2)

making leather template (4)

Start to cut when the glue dry, for the straight sides, we can cut directly by using cutter and ruler; for the angle joints, we can make a small hole with a awl  or needle and then cut out.

For the patterns which have round corners, then scissor is the simplest and best tool. If necessary, use sandpaper to polish the corners.

making leather template (7)

Ok now, a leather pattern is ready to use.

PS: We are using a card wallet pattern in the tutorial, it has 3 flaps but we no need to make all the 3 since the flap’s shapes & sizes are the same. And if you like this style, click here to download.

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